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A youtuber worth following.

In today's era, it's impossible to scroll through a Facebook hiking group without encountering a plethora of videos showcasing people trekking through the mountains—some impressive, others not so much. While I typically Scroll past the majority, there's one filmmaker whose work I always anticipate: the talented and affable Andrew Foster, accompanied by his adventurous canine companion, The Rockstar (Billy)

Andrew's film productions boast exceptional quality, but what truly sets them apart is his ongoing commentary. He intricately details the routes and paths he traverses, offering profound insights.

Upon reaching the summit, Andrew provides a comprehensive explanation, covering the height, classification, and grid reference of the peak to help people plan their hikes.

For those planning a hike in the Lakes and seeking a preview of their chosen destination, Andy's YouTube page is a must-visit. Regular uploads ensure you stay updated on the latest content. The true star of these films, undoubtedly, is Andy's remarkable canine companion, The Rockstar (Billy), a mountain dog who seems to relish the peaks even more than his owner!

Explore the captivating world of Andrew Foster and Rockstar on their YouTube page, "The Mountains Whisper For Me To Wander" at

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